Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Imagine Centre - Colchester

The Imagine Centre has just opened in Colchester United's football stadium. It is a space that Essex LA have built to try out a range of new learning technologies all in one space, so that schools can visit and see what works best for themselves. Imagine's Director Kate Holland has invited a visit from Portland to help us progress our vision of how we will ICT in the new Academy and we will take her up on that generous offer.

The Imagine Centre has some interesting features:
Can you see the spherical monitor?!! Then there is an interactive floor - similar to the one that the new Chesil school will have, it has a huge screen, but that can also show smaller images from other screens - as you can see, hopefully. At the back is a huge interactive table "surface".

To the left is tiered seating - a bit like the seating our headteachers visited in the New Line academy in Kent (see other photos below) and any laptop or personal device, including phones, will work within this space.

Rather cleverly, all the devices connect to each other - you might see that the globe on the wall is the same globe that is on the spherical monitor - both coming from the same child's computer.

Our lead sponsor was along for the opening, but we are looking forward to a group visit shortly.

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  1. these resources look amazing, i know my daughter would benefit hugely from big visual aids, making her education more engaging. Ive long felt that the portland school resources have been lacking and have despaired for our SEN co-ordinators at the lack of funding for them. I look forward to the Academy and that there is finally a glimmer of hope for my daughter.