Sunday, 12 July 2009

We're off! Officially...

We got our official approval from DCSF on 12th July 2009 - an exciting
day for Portland. You can see some of the Government's press release
above - or read the whole thing from here.
In it, Ed Balls, current Secretary of State for Children, Schools and
Families, said:
"This is an exciting new step for Portland and the Academies
programme. The idea of an all ages Academy is a recent innovation –
the idea that an Academy could provide University places too is truly

Professor Heppell has a huge range of experience in educational
innovation, both in this country and internationally. He is committed
to improving education in Portland, and I believe that with the right
support his vision will be realised.

With the Olympic Sailing base to be situated in Portland, this is a
fitting Olympic legacy project for the island."

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